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Boost Productivity up to 600%! 

The TyCal ExCal-1™ can help provide up to 12 times more productivity in removing thread protectors and making connections…12 TIMES!

The TyCal ExCal-1™ can increase productivity by up to 600% for those removing thread protectors from casing and making connections…600%!


The oil industry is in the media a lot nowadays, and it is rarely good press. Rather, press related to the oil and gas industry is riddled with tragic incidences that negatively impact workers, their families, and the environment. 


The ExCal-1™ is THE ONLY PRODUCT that provides you with an efficient alternative to SAFELY remove thread protectors. This increased efficiency will reduce the amount of time spent on a job, in turn reducing running time of the machines on the oil rigs per well. 

The ability for a product to have a positive influence on the environment is a welcomed addition to the increased safety that it will provide its users. THINK ABOUT A POSITIVE MOVE TO ExCal-1™.

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The TYCAL ExCal-1

Removes thread protectors in ONE piece. No more carved pieces of thread protectors are being sucked into pumps, caught in rotary tables, or plugging inserts.

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