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Safety is the #1 Priority

TYCAL’s ExCal-1™ is BY FAR the safest way of catching and handling casing and pipe coming off the “V” door. And ExCal-1 is the safest and quickest way for removing thread protectors without damaging the casing.


Currently, around 7% of workers in oil and gas extraction are injured each year with 6 fatalities last year (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2017). The TyCal ExCal-1, provides its users with the safest way of moving through the casing process. There is no other method that compares.  


Ropes Snap – People Get Injured…NOT WITH ExCal-1™

“Tailing in Casing” seems to be a relatively simple process. A standard piece of rope is used to hold or brace the bottom of a piece of casing as it is pulled to the rig floor. They slide through your hands, at times driving metal filings through your gloves. When ropes snap, the entire casing/pipe will swing dangerously uncontrolled, toward unsuspecting workers, who if struck, may be seriously injured or killed.


Statistics show that in 2015, 41.7% of injuries were to (rig) floor workers. These are the direct workers that move casings and pipe and are responsible for the removal of thread protectors from casing. 


The handles on the ExCal-1™ means YOU HAVE absolute control over the casing as it moves on the rig floor.

NOW…You Can Avoid Bodily Injury or Amputation While Making Connections

When making casing connections, many rig workers often do not place their hands in a the proper, safe position on the pipe. Workers grab the pipe in unsafe ways, falsely believing they may offer better control and accuracy, when aligning the pipe.



Manual removal of 300 thread protectors is estimated to take approximately 5 hours. It is a FACT that using an air compressor tool causes additional trip hazards with the hoses and cords that are needed to run the machine. The use of rubber thread protectors are costly and can cause additional trip hazards or risk of injury if thrown off the rig floor or down the V-door. 


Reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics state that 25% of workers with illnesses and injuries with days away from work are related directly to fractures, which typically take a lengthy amount of time to recover.


The handles on the Patent Pending ExCal-1™ eliminate the need for you to touch the pipe at all. This means your hands, fingers and arms stay safely away from the dangers. The body of the ExCal-1TM encases the pipe and allows workers to have complete control of the movement of the pipe while making connections. 

Trip Hazards and Scattered Debris Can KILL YOU

Ropes left lying, stretched out on the rig floor is a trip hazards for everyone on the rig. The same is true for tools. ANY TOOLS that are used to remove thread protectors (Axes, Hatchets, Shovels and large hammers), are dangerous and OBSOLETE! Additionally, splintered or shaved pieces of thread protectors become yet another danger of trips/falls on the rig floor.


Traditional methods of removing thread protectors are dangerous to workers and equipment. Using these antiquated tools, threads can be easily damaged from “muscling off” thread protectors in any way that workers can think of (i.e. with a shovel, hatchet, hacksaw). STOP IT!


Use of the Patent Pending TYCAL ExCal-1™eliminates the need for all of these archaic methods.

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The TYCAL ExCal-1

Removes thread protectors in ONE piece. No more carved pieces of thread protectors are being sucked into pumps, caught in rotary tables, or plugging inserts.

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