ExCal-1™ is Convenient

The TYCAL ExCal-1

Rapidly becoming the industry standard, the TYCAL ExCal-1™ is lightweight, easy to use, and up to 80% FASTER AND SAFER THAN ANY OTHER TOOL YOU CAN USE.

Removes thread protectors in one piece.

A light weight and hand-held tool, weighing under 20 pounds.

Designed and brightly colored, to be highly visible on the rig for workers to easily locate.

Easy to use and requires limited training even for new workers.

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The TYCAL ExCal-1

Removes thread protectors in ONE piece. No more carved pieces of thread protectors are being sucked into pumps, caught in rotary tables, or plugging inserts.

The Patent Pending, TYCAL ExCal-1™


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