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Our News: Safety is Key

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

TyCal Ltd, designer, creator and manufacturer of innovative safety products for the Oil and Gas Industry, announces the TyCal ExCal-1 ™, a tool and company that is ALL about safety. The ExCal-1 is a safety device which is used to remove thread protectors and enables workers to safely handle pipe while running casing. Please see our video at: 

According the the IADC, 84% of worker injuries occur to those with 5 years or less experience in the industry. Workers with inexperience are easy to find and companies must try to control costs, by hiring new, less experienced workers. These new employees are told to do the job quickly, and safely. 

Many times, workers are left to find their own innovative ways of removing thread protectors and handling casing. "We can only hope..." Said one rig manager, "…that they take good advice from those on the rig that know." As we all know, without the right tool for the job, it's more likely that serious injuries will occur.

The ExCal-1 is the ONLY tool for the job of handling casing and pipe and safely and effective removing the thread protector and controlling the pipe to the joining process. With the ExCal-1 workers are NOT left to figure out where their hands should be placed when making a connection, so they don’t get pinched or loose a finger.

The ExCal-1 is a two handled tool that is easy for workers to grip and safely keeps the worker’s hands and body away from the pipe when handling the pipe from the v-door to making the connection. Additionally, with the ExCal-1, workers are NOT left to find fast and unsafe ways of removing thread protectors like using hatchets, hacksaws, and shovels. The ExCal-1 is one tool that safely and quickly removes thread protectors with a simple impact.

Light-weight and highly visible, the ExCal-1 is the ONLY SAFE tool available in the industry specifically made to remove thread protectors and handle casing. At TyCal we want to make sure that lives are saved. The ExCal-1 offers lifesaving value to workers and rig owners and drilling companies, by helping to lower the costs associated with unnecessary injuries and potentially death. The ExCal-1 also offers companies a cost effective way to get the job done and be SAFE while doing so!

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