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OSHA Identifies 4 Fatal Work Related Injuries

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is an agency of the US government under the Department of Labor with the responsibility of ensuring safety at work and a healthful work environment. OSHA's mission is to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses and deaths.

We want our work places to be safe and by using the right tool for the job the work place becomes a safer place.

The ExCal-1 is the only tool of its kind! The ExCal-1 is the only tool that allows casing-hands to both handle casing and remove thread protectors. The ExCal-1 is a tool that every casing crew should have and use to run casing safely and efficiently.

OSHA identifies 4 fatal work related injuries; falls, caught between objects, electrocutions, and struck by object. With use of the TyCal ExCal-1 employers are able to reduce the risk to their workers and avoid these fatal 4 injuries. Electrocution is not an injury that we worry about while running casing, however the other 3 fatal injuries are of serious concern and are preventable while running casing with the use of the ExCal-1.

The ExCal-1 allows rig hands to handle casing and remove thread protectors without the threat of being caught/pinched between the casing while boxing the joint (making the connection).

Additionally, the ExCal-1 eliminates the needs and use of the rope that is often used to catch casing off the v-door and other various hand tools that are left of the rig floor after using them to remove thread protectors. Which means that with use of the ExCal-1 there are less trip hazards on the rig floor thus eliminating the likelihood of slip/trip/fall injuries during the casing process.

Finally, use of the ExCal-1 will reduce the likelihood of struck by injuries during the casing process. Currently, rig hands are using whatever means necessary to remove thread protectors so one guy will hold the casing and the other swings some hand tool like an axe, hatchet, hacksaw, shovel, or sledgehammer, at the thread protector attempting to remove it and the likelihood of hitting the guy holding the casing is so very great!! So why do we continue to do this? Why do we continue to use unsafe practices to get the job done when there is a right way to do the job safely?

The TyCal ExCal-1 is the answer!! Call today or shop online at Let’s work together to reduce injuries and avoid OSHA’s fatal 4!!

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