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A Commonly Accepted Practice That Leaves Companies Vulnerable

The TyCal ExCal-1

In Michigan, there are septic tank companies that use their tank trucks to clean the systems. The Tank trucks are used to prevent backups into the home and used to clean out the septic systems. So far, not an issue.

Another company (specializing in these tanks),decided to use new methodsof monitoring how full their tank trucksare by inserting ‘looking glasses’ into the tank at various points. This MONITORING METHODultimately altered the structural integrity of the tanks, and they collapsed!

WHY? The vacuum seal that the tank creates to safely transport the waste was broken after insertion of the ‘looking glass’. So the tank was altered, so what? The company was trying to be more effective in their practices and utilize the tanks to their fullest extent… they were trying to be innovative… why is that an issue? They have insurance to cover accidents right?!? Well, yes, the company had insurance! So they should be covered. Well, the company was NOT covered for the tank collapse.

Thankfully, no one was hurt when the tank collapsed, but the equipment was completely destroyed. The insurance did NOT cover the loss that the company incurred from this accident. Reason being, the tank had been altered.

Every product has a disclaimer statement that clearly sets forth exactly what the product is intended for. should the product be used in a mannerother than intended orshould the product bealtered in any way, the liability insurance for that product is null in void. In the abovescenario, the liability insurance that covers the tank did not cover this accident, because the tank was altered.

This concept applies in every industry… Especially the oil and gas industry.Rig hands are left to find ways to get their jobs done in the fastest and safest ways possible. Many times this means creating a way to complete the tasks at hand, using whatever materials provided out on the rig.

You may find this difficult to accept, but we have discovered that workers are using “Centralizers” as thread protector removal tools. YES…CENTRALIZERS!

Centralizers are meant to be sent downhole, keepingthe casing “centered” in the hole. Rig hands are taking Centralizers and altering them by putting handles on them and changing the design of the tool to use it for a purpose other than what it was intended.

Do you think that these alterations voids any warranty or insurance coverage in the event of an injury… or, a disaster?

Why not just use a tool that was designed and intended for the purpose of removing thread protectors and handling casing? THAT IS A GREAT QUESTION! And one that we have been asking many companies in recent days. You tell me… What is the cost of a serious injury, involving any body part? If the insurance is denied, who pays? Right!

Using an altered tool, or the wrong tool for the job is dangerous and costly!

Using an altered tool means that insurance claims for injuries and damaged equipment as a result are going to be denied. Using the right tool for the job and increasing safety measures to a company’s procedures in getting a job done means that the company can relish in the benefits, which include worker safety, efficiency and productivity increases, and the peace of mind offered with better insurance coverage and rates.

As you may have gathered from various articles, TyCal is ALL about SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY.

When companies choose to implement the ExCal-1 into their practices, they immediately are taking preventative measuresto reduce the amount of injuries sustained on the rig. In addition, this is an opportunity for insurance companies to illustrate proper use of tools on rigs as part of a total safety strategy.

These safety plans implemented by companies allow insurance agents to offer benefits such as, up to a 25% reduction in workman’s compensation insurance rates and preferred customer rates for liability insurance. What many people don’t know is that by taking safety measures, there are credits available in the realm of insurance. Companies stand the chance to not only save money when the tool is being used but also by having preventative measures in place, money can be saved with insurance costs.

For more information about Tycal Ltd and the ExCal-1 please visit www.tycalltd.comor call Ty Jones, founder, at 989-824-0153.

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